In 1997 a group of passionate fans of Harley Davidson motorcycles, decided to go beyond wonderful excursions and presence at events that other friends of motor tourism in Greece had organized and accept the challenge to establish an official club.

The foundation of this club was reached after several attempts. Three enthusiastic years has followed and proved that many scattered Harley Davidson riders was seeking a serious club with its own roof and the chance for formal membership in organized events all over the world. In 1999 Chrysoupoli Mayor has given the club it’s own space, one tol with open space in front, suitable for hosting all the events of the club. In 2000 club members started the procedures for joining the Harley Davidson Club Hellas (HDCH) and finally in 2002 the official chapter of HDCH was accomplished. After a successful three-year presentation in Greek and European events, it was decided by the members of the club to set up an autonomous club with the Byzantine double-headed eagle as a logo and the name Twinheads Hellas (Greece biceps).

Soon the club became bigger and created three gigantic chapter in Kilkis, Kavala and Alexandroupolis. The events carried out included Summer parties, rock concerts and tours in Greece and abroad. Also, visits and hosting motor tourists from all over Europe. Today, the members of the club still carry on in order to become one big family with other clubs from Greece and the rest of the world.

The club now has a more realistic goal and the club house is always open for the members and visitors of the club. The Twinheads club is located in the first km Chrisoupolis-Kavalas road and it is open every Wednesday and Saturday for members and friends, providing full support to visitors regarding hospitality, tour, and possible mechanical problems.


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